The Ultimate List Of Weird Websites (Weirdest Ever)

The internet is a strange place.
I’m sure all of you know this by now.
Most of us haven’t explored the real weirdness of the internet.
There are a lot of weird yet interesting websites out there. And it is tough to discover the weird websites unless you read about it somewhere.
So here’s an effort to spice up your life, bringing you a brief list of the useless and weird websites of the amazing internet.

 weird websites

So here we present you the list of weird websites –

1. Zoomquilt

Zoomquilt is an exciting and unique way to waste your time.
It is an infinitely zooming image.
Yes, infinitely.
Doesn’t seem to end.
You can use the up or down keys to navigate through the image, as it keeps on zooming, and zooming, uncovering new landscapes through.
Exploring this site is cool.
(You can also get it as a wallpaper for your Android)

Link –

2. Snapbubble

Are you one of those people who enjoys the bubble wrap from gifts more than the gifts themselves?
Well then snap bubble is for you.
You can enjoy popping bubbles for as long as you like. Just keep pressing and resetting your sheet.
It is one of those useless websites, but it’s fun if you’re into bubble wrap.


3. Nooooooooooooooo

It does what it says.
A dramatic, Darth Vader style precisely.
Use it in desperate situations.
It is also available as an Andriod app so that you can say nooooooooooooooooooo on the go.
This is one of the Star Wars fans.

Link –

4. OMFGDogs

This weird gem of a website features a bunch of animated dogs running with Super-Mario style music in the background.
You should check it out.

Link –

5. Staggeringbeauty

Staggering Beauty has a weird snake-like thing that follows your mouse movements.
If you share your mouse vigorously, you’re in for a trippy surprise.
It’s amusing to wave your mouse around and see that thing move with it.
Give it a try.


6. Creepypasta

Creepy Pasta is one of the most exciting sites on this list.
No, it is not one of those weird ones.
Creepy Pasta features numerous user-submitted horror stories.
A lot of horror stories you read on the internet either originated from Creepy Pasta or ended up on it.
It is the go-to destination if horror stories strike up your imagination.
It is a perfect time pass, especially if you’re a reader.


7. Zombo

Zombo is another fascinating one.
I won’t reveal the pleasant surprise that you get after opening this site, but let me tell you, the site’s loading time is a bit long.
So you might have to wait a bit.

Link –

8. Ratemypoo

This site does what the title says.
It rates your poo.
Now, this is by far the weirdest website I’ve covered, if not the most disgusting as well.
You can upload a picture of your…. well poo, and people who open the site will rate it.
Disgusting isn’t it?
Well, the title should have warned you.

Link –

9. Blue

This ones for the stargazers.
Each time you refresh your browser on this site, it loads up an image of a constellation.
You can spend a lot of time on this seemingly meaningless site.
But, if you can identify constellations, and stargazing is your hobby, this might be one of the best websites ever.

Link –

10. Taghua

Another one like the previous one.
Each time you open this website or press the reset button, a new tree grows in the blank space.
Each tree looks similar to the one before, but all of them are different.

Link –


Another weird site, this one features someone some of us might know from their childhood.
Pingu, the penguin.
Each time you click, Pingu noots in an incredibly annoying way.
Maybe nostalgia will hit you when you open it, that is if you used to watch it in your infancy.

Link –


Choose your favourite emojis and watch them float around in a cool hypnotic pattern across the screen.
A repetitive beat plays in the background.
They do a wave if you click and hold the mouse, with another beat on top of the first one while clicking.
As you add more emojis, the pattern becomes more colourful and more fun.


13. Baconsizzling

Bacon Sizzling.
A site where you can see bacon sizzling!!
That’s it, let’s move on.

Link –

14. Tableflipper

Again, exactly what the title says.
This site allows you to see people from various countries flipping tables.
Over, and over again.
In an infinitely looping GIF.
Each time you refresh, you see someone new flipping a table.
You might even catch a celebrity or two that you know about.
So keep refreshing, keep watching new people flip new tables.

Link –

15. Cant-not-tweet-this

Oh, and if you browsed through all these sites, and had a fun time.
You can’t not tweet this post.
The same as you cant not tweet can’t not tweet this.
Open it yourself to check it out.

Link –

Also, Check Out –

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  2. DWM.EXE

End of the Line –

Hope you wasted your time well on these weird websites.
Remember, the internet is a lot of things, but most of all, it is a weird place.
This weirdness has a greater extent than any post can cover.
Still, hope you enjoyed this weird list of weirdest websites.

Keep visiting Hi-Tech Weirdo for more weird shit ahead and Don’t forget to comment your favourite website from the above list, Also if you think any website which isn’t included and should be a part of this weirdness, Comment and let us know.


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