List of Most Useless Websites 1

List of Most Useless Websites

You’re looking out your window on a rainy evening, have finished all work and out of nowhere you search, “take me to a useless website” on Google.

Some days, you just don’t want to browse again and again through old movies and TV shows.

It’s cool, we got you! Most of us suffer from procrastination on a daily basis and for you to not feel that way; here is a list of most useless websites to pass your time!


List of Most Useless Websites 2

Pointless Websites Of All Time



List of Most Useless Websites 3

This definitely is one of the world’s most useless websites.



pointless websites

It’s one of those days where you feel people are testing your patience and you just want to smack someone hard.

Pointless websites like these make your day and give you immense pleasure.



useless websites

One of the most played games in our childhood has to be this one. Only this time you’re playing the computer with the added bonus of fun music playing in the background.

Just keep choosing your warrior and you’ll all set for the weekday ahead.



List of Most Useless Websites 4

We know, we get it you’re a cat lover and you’re shamed for it. But this might just be your heaven.

This is one of the most popular useless websites; make them rain; make them bounce in the most useless websites ever.



useless websites

Times are difficult, you don’t have enough much courage to keep a pet dog, but still crave for one?

Don’t worry we got your lonely nights covered.



List of Most Useless Websites 5

Hello? A website which doesn’t ask any puzzles; doesn’t display annoying music or play blasting music, and still keeps you occupied?

And the king of the world’s most useless websites goes to the Never-Ending Horse Game: a keeper for introverts.

Ridiculous, yet far more important and interesting than your hockey game, Rick.



List of Most Useless Websites 6

There aren’t enough words to describe how soothing and calming these kinds of pointless websites are.

There are just a bunch of walls falling down, leading you to heaven.



List of Most Useless Websites 7

it has already been established how very free you are at this moment to even go through these links, so why not just “leisurely” pass your time away on the world’s most useless websites, ever?

And as an added bonus, you’ll get a free, at home, dog show!



List of Most Useless Websites 8

This dog does a flip every time you pet it, and again, and again, at a faster pace with every motion.

If only we could do this at work all day long. Cannot. Stop. Clicking. Utterly Butterly useless websites.



List of Most Useless Websites 9

Your mom doesn’t appreciate your drawing skills and this useless website right here, might be your only chance to prove her wrong.

Arrange the symbols in the air, like you just don’t care!



List of Most Useless Websites 10

Last of all when life gives you lemons, you forget all your sorrows and play the game! A little yellow never hurt anyone’s eyes anyway. Let those happy hormones loose.

Pointless websites like these are a fun conversation starter or to a way to start new Instagram challenges ( wink, wink).


End of The Line

There you go! The most pointless websites, and definitely the most useless websites there ever will be, right at the centre of your palm.

We hope the “take me to a useless website” worked like a charm to keep the housework, and Netflix away.

Waste your time judiciously!

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