How Online Proctoring Software Benefits the Students and Organizations?

Nowadays, the whole world is facing a problem known as COVID-19, which not only impacted the business and economy but the education sector too. No studies are there, and even students are not able to give the exams. But not to worry, every problem has its solution. A concept has been there, known as online proctoring with AI tools to conduct the virtual exam, which is also a cost-effective method. It is the best method to ensure a cheating free virtual exam with proper candidate authentication.

This exam proctoring technique has different levels which the universities or organizations can select as per the requirement. Before opting for these services, do check the security of data, prices & services and compare it with other alternatives and then select the perfect one.

Can someone cheat in online proctored exams?

  • Two-factor authentication and geotagging- Sometimes students may hire someone else to give their tests. Although this is not possible, face and voice identification system, id card confirmation & unique code service is there for proper authentication.
  • Block multiple logins- The students might forward the link to their friends, to appear for the test or proxy, but the limit is set as at backend the place, IP address everything is recorded. Once the link is formed and if the student logins, then after that, immediately it expires.
  • Browser activity tracker- Copy paste is the technique used in online exams to save time. For this, an inspection record is there to trace the action of each candidate, and the person will able to know everything from it.
  • Activity detection- Candidates write the formulas on hands or keep things near them to copy the answers. But this software act as an activity detector that detects suspicious behavior, changes in facial expressions, and many more.
  • Watermarking papers- It did not allow the students to not to click the picture and send it on the internet to others because the watermark is there. If any student shares it with anyone, then he/she can easily be traced with this software as a unique ID number is there with every test paper.
  • Prevent screen mirroring- Candidates download these screen mirroring apps in which another person takes control in between but this system detects and blocks these things.

Here are the benefits to the organizations-

  • Saves time- The student needs to go to the allotted center for the examination, which requires more time. But adopting this framework, students can choose whichever location they want.
  • Flexibility- A proper set up of date and time is there, and the students can select the specific dates to give the exam, but the rest depends upon the education system. Students can prefer the best time for the exam also.
  • More comfortable- The students can sit anywhere i.e home, office, etc to give the exams. It is comfortable because a safer, quiet & silent environment is there where the students can concentrate more to perform well in the exams.
  • Eliminate strain on hands- It is the framework that eliminates the writing time of the students. As many options are available on it, that is students can use various tools to reduce the strain on hands if compared with physical writing.
  • Privacy- This framework is not only for students to give exams, but professionals can also use the same for it. Professionals might seek these things to go to the busy exam center. For them, this is the perfect platform to study and perform well.

From time-saving to better performance, at every stage, it benefits the candidates more as now it had is implemented all over the world to deal with difficult situations as the world is facing now.

Here are the benefits to the organizations-

  • Exam conducted easily- A proper protocol is there for the exams which organizations need to follow & advantage to them is they do not need to concentrate all the time when the exam is going on.
  • Remove burden- Suppose ten centers are there in one place, which increases the burden on the invigilator as he/she needs to move to these centers to check everything is working correctly or not. By opting for this framework, it eliminates these things & also reduces the pressure on the administration.
  • Secured and safe- It is an advantage that the invigilator is not there, but it does not mean that this framework is not safe. This framework consists of the advance technology, which reduces the chances of cheating, and a recording option is also available to keep an eye on everything happening there. In case of serious issues, the organization can drop access anytime.
  • Cover more geographical area- This framework cover the things on a large scale if running more exams in different states or countries to cover more area. With this, the whole process becomes easier which able to examine things at regular intervals.
  • Reduce the pressure of arrangement- As the exams are going to be online, that’s why it lessens the burden to arrange the space for the students, which universities and colleges take time to plan.

In this way, it benefits the organization from saving time to cost everything is included in it, which arrange particular things for the universities or colleges.

This is how it provides benefits to the students as well as the organization. This proctoring software technology is for learning purposes that use AI-powered tools to make sure that exams conducted by the universities will be at the best. If the students think that they can do cheating in the exams, then forget about it. Various types of plans are there, one can choose it as per the needs. From basic to advance, every feature is covered in this, which disable all the illegal things opted by the students in the exams. Universities need these kinds of software, but before opting there services must check the security features, prices, services & their support centers to make sure, things are done as per plan. With this in the coming time, technology is going to grow faster and effectively to conduct the examinations and assessments, securely and properly.

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