7 Businesses Who Are Killing It And Growing With Their Instagram Success

With millions of active monthly users, Instagram has completely redefined the social media marketing space and has emerged as the top platform for image-based content.

But one area where this platform outshines every other social media platform out there is its level of user engagement. With the introduction of numerous new features such as Instagram Live, Instagram Stories, and more, the visual media platform makes sure to remain on top of the social media ladder.

As a brand, what this means for you, is that Instagram marketing should become a crucial part of your overall social media strategy if it isn’t already.

Leveraging the expertise of an Instagram growth company, businesses can thrive and make an impression on the right target audience while promoting their products most engagingly.

Example of 7 Businesses Who Are Growing With Their Instagram Success

To take the inspiration from those who have mastered Instagram marketing to perfection, here are seven cases of Instagram success stories that many businesses could gain insight from.

1. National Geographic

With over 138m followers, National Geographic is one of the most-followed brand channels on Instagram. The key reason for this kind of popularity is the brand’s exceptional visual storytelling on the platform.

National Geographic’s Instagram content is unique, visually appealing, and authentic in every sense. This is further complemented by captions that are creatively written by photographers, allowing each of their posts to come from a fresh perspective.

Through one of their popular hashtags, #NatGeo, they help people experience an unfiltered view of the planet and cultures, as seen by the actual photographers.

2. Airbnb

There is a growing misconception among the marketers that their marketing success is primarily defined by garnering views on a single post or going viral with a picture or two.

While that strategy does work sometimes, what is more important is to take ideas and learn from brands that maintain steady and relevant influence on their followers.

Airbnb is one such example that stands out with its innovative Instagram marketing efforts. The brand makes a continual effort to source user-generated content from various Airbnb locations around the world, to entice users with striking images that are bound to leave them asking for more.

Their Instagram timeline is full of aesthetically pleasing images and keeps their followers living the dream of global exploration along with generating constant and steady engagement for every single post.

Their strategy, as a service-based brand, is long term engagement with their customers rather than aiming for one-time wonders.

3. Nike

Nike is a well-known brand for aspiring and professional athletes. However, their Instagram stories aren’t just about a range of athletic sneakers but highlight multiple other things, including influential sports moments, path-breaking sports highlights, and inspiring athletes to continue doing what they genuinely love.

The brand’s content strategy mostly revolves around famous sports personalities using Nike apparel as an inspiration.

The biggest takeaway for brands here is prioritizing strategic buildups and relevant associations to be successful in their marketing efforts.

4. Starbucks

With a massive follower base of 18.3 million, Starbucks knows well about engaging customers on Instagram.

The top strategies they employ is to engage customers with contests where they can win a prize for posting their pictures and make posts that are meaningful to the followers by commenting on current events or holidays.

Starbucks also uses Stories to share new product launches, customer testimonials, and other such interactive content. Although much of it revolves around its drinks, it does not feel like advertisements as they include a lot of fun facts, interactive polls, and quizzes.

5. Mercedes Benz

A well-known German automobile brand, Mercedes Benz is known for its visually compelling content and enticing stories on Instagram.

The primary strategy of the brand is to fill its feed with the most stylish cars captured from various angles by social influencers that include famous car bloggers, photographers, and racers.

Apart from this, Mercedes also runs various innovative campaigns on Instagram. One such example is a viral #pride campaign featuring their unique luxury cars with one car for each color of the rainbow.

The idea was to give a strong message of inclusion to their followers. The campaign was a huge success garnering a lot of engagement from their vast community of over 21.5 million followers.


Unlike LEGO commercials and other similar branding material that is primarily targeted to children, its Instagram approach is entirely different. It is targeted at older audiences, including young adults who like puzzles or parents who would like to buy it for their children.

LEGO’s Instagram marketing is an excellent example of how brands can adjust their content for social platforms that host audiences across generations instead of catering to just one.

The Instagram of LEGO ensures to highlight works of art made with their various products. The brand uses the platform to add Stories with interactive polls and quizzes to engage both young adults and older people who liked LEGO and would want to buy them for their children.

7. Disney

The massive success of Disney is a true reflection of its robust social media marketing strategy. The one platform that they excel most at is Instagram.

With a massive range of products, movies, theme parks, and so much more, Disney has no shortage of visually appealing content to share with its audience.

They use their Instagram feed to offer a real variety to their customers and making sure that each image is much more intriguing and engaging than the other.


Instagram is an excellent and super valuable tool for advertisers and brands looking to target a niche audience.

Apart from the above seven examples of successful brands leveraging the platform to take their marketing efforts to new heights, Instagram’s success stories page gives you more insights on the industries and businesses seeing massive success with Instagram advertisements.

Hiring a professional Instagram marketing agency with expertise in Instagram verification can also improve your business marketing strategy manifolds. It helps you grow your online presence with engaging posts bound to attract and entice many new customers while also assisting in image moderation.

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