Things You Need To Know Before You Start Your Own Streaming Channel

The one big fact that we have just realized is that everyone is a content creator! Streaming has facilitated the ease with which we can share our content, our stories, and our ideas, to like-minded people around the world. Streaming has taken the world by storm. Netflix, the pioneer in video streaming, has opened the floodgates to many big corporations as well as individuals who have started their own streaming channels.

It has now become extremely easy to set up and stream your dream, creating content you love, for audiences you really care about, while being in complete control. By creating a community for your streaming channel, you will also increase the chance of monetization of your thoughts and ideas.

But before you step into the world of online streaming, there are certain things that you need to be aware of. There is a difference between Video on Demand (VOD) and Live streaming. VOD stores videos on the cloud, which can be viewed at any time, or device according to the viewers’ convenience. Live streaming, on the other hand, requires higher investments as the video is shot and broadcasted to a live audience at a specific time. This article talks about the important things you need to know before you start your streaming channel.

Keep Your Video Content Original

Original content of any type – videos, photos, or blogs is the most engaging with the highest recall value. They are also likely to be shared the most, and given how important sharing is in the digital realm, one needs to spend time, money, and energy creating their unique original content.

There is no doubt that videos are now the medium of choice of most viewers globally. The fact that videos can be created and consumed anywhere in the globe using just Smartphones has led to a proliferation of influencers with their streaming channels.

So, what makes them tick? Why are they so popular? How do they make money? These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself before starting your streaming channel. The most viewed streaming channels offer unique, personalized, and engaging content. It is the value and relevance of the content that is the biggest differentiator.

Create High Impact Videos

Just creating a video and hosting it on your streaming channel is not enough as the new-age digital consumers expect a lot more. Stylish, precise, and awe-inspiring videos are the new norm. You can make your videos more sophisticated by using a video outro maker. There are a host of options available at sites like InVideo, including pre-built templates, video invites, intro & outro videos, ads, and video presentations, something for whatever you are trying to achieve through your streaming channel.

Choose The Right Consumer Subscription Model

Choosing the right monetization model at the start is critical to decide the long-term strategy of your streaming business. In the early days, people may not be aware of your streaming channel, and it should be more important to increase branding and awareness, rather than focusing on monetary returns. However, as the channel starts becoming popular, you can then start to think about monetizing your content.

There are three types of VOD models that you can choose from. The first is Subscription VOD (SVOD), like Netflix, Disney Plus, or Hulu, where you need to pay a monthly or annual fee irrespective of how much you view. These are typically for commercial media firms. The second one is Transactional VOD (TVOD), where you can view content on a pay-per-view model. And finally, Ad-Based VOD (AVOD), where the money comes from advertisements placed on-screen before or during the viewing. The subscriber does not pay any money but watches the ads instead. YouTube is the best example of this type of streaming service.

Decide The Streaming Platform For Maximum Accessibility

Platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Crackle are good streaming platforms. When choosing a streaming platform, keep in mind the reach and segmentation that the platform allows, making your channel more easily discoverable.

Livestreaming can be accomplished using platforms like Twitch, YouTube Live, Mixer, OBS, or Dlive. These live streaming platforms are geared more towards gaming, but they do have different categories like In Real Life (IRL), Music, Performing Arts, or Just Chatting. Choose the category that best fits your intent and audience.

Marketing Your Streaming Channel Effectively

In the crowded digital ecosystem, there is usually more noise than good content. Do not forget to market your streaming channel or just keep it as an afterthought. By offering different types of streaming content for different types of viewers can be a great start. Promote your channel on specific interest-based sites or by investing in digital marketing tools.

Try to include different formats like Do it Yourself videos (DIY), How-To videos, documentaries, or slideshows to target different viewer personas. You can use a free online slideshow maker to try the various options available. By offering interactive and engaging videos, you can increase viewership and the size of your community.


It may seem that the streaming marketplace is getting commoditized and crowded. However, a good streaming channel that resonates well with the viewers will always make it to the top. To gain popularity, you need to stand out like a pro. If you’re in the business of telling stories, building your brand, and engaging people, there is no better way than streaming. And the major reason is that people are increasingly moving away from television and tuning into online sources.

According to a survey by Social Media Today, users crave authenticity more than any other attribute when it comes to viewing content. In the world of fake news, dubious claims, celebrity endorsements, and sponsored content, viewers are experiencing increased fatigue. By creating genuine, authentic, and relatable videos for your streaming channel, you can cut through the clutter and shine.

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