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The Top 5 Weirdest YouTube Channels

The world of YouTube is full of vloggers, tutorials and quirky videos that are viewed and shared by millions of people every day. If you are looking for something a little different, here are the top 5 weirdest YouTube channels, Also check our list of weirdest websites


weird youtube channels


The first and weirdest YouTube channel you need to look at is Cyriak. The channel is made by a British animator whose content consists of repeating loops of mind-bending and creepy things like monsters that are made from human fingers that puke up their own heads. The animations that Cyriak makes are truly terrifying, however, from a technical point of view they are incredibly detailed and well planned out. If you are looking for a video to scare or upset your friend, make sure you have the Cyriak channel on standby.

Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared

Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared first came into prominence a few years ago thanks to their remake of the childhood destroying a short film that shares the same name. The short film tricks your mind into thinking the clip is normal and from a children’s show, however throughout the course of the film, you are subjected to a nightmare of raw meat, screaming and glitter glue. The channel is regularly updated with follow-ups and sequels to the film, ensuring there is enough consistent weird content to see.

David Firth

Rising to fame, or rather infamy, around the middle of the 2000’s, the pre-YouTube internet star known as David Firth made his presence known thanks to his unnerving and downright bizarre flash animation series called Salad Fingers. The animations have been viewed by millions across the world due to the sheer odd but strangely enticing content. Although Salad Fingers episodes are no longer made because of Firth finding success in the animation world, he still posts other horrifying and strange content for his viewing fans.

HowTo Basic

The HowTo Basic channel tricks your mind into clicking on their content by posing innocuous thumbnails and generic titles like ‘How to Stop Snoring’. Once you have clicked on a video, you will be greeted by a nude faceless person who is panting into a microphone whilst breaking things. Each of the videos features quirky and unusual content that is sure to hook you and keep you watching.

Rawn Erickson

The international comedy channel of Ron Erickson’s “Hi, I’m Rawn!” has proven to be a tremendous success with a huge dedicated and loyal YouTube following. Many of his videos involve Rawn hanging out in his basement as well as doing comedy routines. If you are looking for content full of humour and fun, you are likely to find it on Rawn’s channel. If you are unable to access any content, going onto websites like Freemake can help show you on how to download blocked videos.

Whilst these are just 5 of the weirdest channels on YouTube to check out, there are plenty more quirky and unusual channels full of interesting content that you should see. However, view the videos with an open mind so you can immerse yourself in the weirdest and wackiest content that YouTube has to offer.

End Of The Line –

This was the list of weirdest Youtube channels online. We hope that you liked the list. And If you find any channel which you think should be a part of this, You can comment or reach us via our contact form.

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