How to Make a Great Intro Video for Your Website?

Video Marketing is one of the most popular marketing tools for all brands in the digital space. The fact that almost 100GB of the video is uploaded to the internet speaks a lot about the rising popularity of video content. Many studies have also proved that people are more than likely to engage in a video rather than read lengthy descriptions.

The consumption of video content by the internet population has almost increased by 100% in the year 2020, which is predicted to grow even further. It is no surprise that brands have started to leverage this impactful marketing tool for their digital marketing strategy.

In this article, we would be introducing a favorite video format of various brands, the humble Intro Video.

What is an Intro Video?

The name suggests the apt description of what it actually is. The intro videos can be described as a short, direct introduction of the brand, the values it upholds, and the commitment it makes towards the customers. It also includes a brief introduction of the business’s products or services and sets the tone for the rest of the content (be it video, images, or text) to follow.

There are many reasons why using an intro video for your webpage is encouraged. Intro videos are the perfect ice-breakers and can engage the traffic on your webpage. They help you build brand recognition, ensure customer engagement, gain the trust of the customers, and drive higher conversions. In fact, statistics have shown that pages with video content have higher customer engagement, and as a result, higher conversion rates.

An Intro Video is the perfect way of introducing your brand, the personality of your brand, the kind of business you aim to achieve, and the values that your business upholds. Intro videos can help you captivate the viewers, engage them in your content, and drive conversions.

How can you make a Great Intro Video for your Website?

Making an attractive and effective intro video for your business is not as difficult as it sounds. The perceived costs have deterred businesses from using this impactful marketing tool. However, it is difficult to ignore the positives that the intro video brings. The impact of an intro video on your online presence is huge.

In this article, we would be empowering you to make your own intro videos in a budget. The video does not have to be perfect but should be able to convey the message clearly and neatly. There are plenty of free intro makers for Youtube on the internet. Use them to give your intro videos a professional look and feel.

Given below are a few points that would help you bring your intro video ideas into reality.

Create a Video Production Plan

The first step of making an intro video is creating a script or a storyboard. A script or a storyboard that contains the essential points to be addressed in the video allows you to plan your video production journey as much as possible.

An Intro Video would ideally contain a brief introduction of your brand and the services/products that you bring to your customers. Write down your goals for the video. The planning stage is extremely crucial for successfully completing the video project, as it helps you plan your journey. Also, it helps you keep track of the progress that you have achieved.

A few points that you would want to include in your video are:

    • Introduce your company/channel to the audience.
    • Introduce the team that is working behind the scenes.
    • Describe the product’s working and explain the features that make your product better than similar products in the same category.

Make Sure Your Video Stands Out From The Rest

There is no lack of video content on the Internet. As we already mentioned, almost 100GB of video content gets posted to the internet in a minute. This makes it extremely easy for your video to be lost in the crowd. You have to ensure that the video packs originality, as it goes a long way in capturing the attention of the audience.

No one will waste time sitting through your entire intro video if it fails to capture the attention of the viewer. To be able to do that, you have to add an element of uniqueness. Make your video stand out from the rest, as that builds brand recognition for your company.

One sure-shot way of engaging the audience to your video is impersonating the values that your brand believes in. People would be attracted to your brand and respond to the intro video if they relate to the core values that your brand imbibes in the video.

Think from the Customer’s Perspective

The purpose of your intro video is to educate the viewers about your brand and give them a brief introduction to the product or service that your business provides. If you fail to think from the customer’s perspective, your video would be of no use.

You have to highlight the key problems that your brand solves for the customers, and explain how good your business is at solving the highlighted issues. This not only makes your video relatable; it also establishes your brand and helps you reach out to new audiences every day.

So, try to be as clear as possible.

The audience should be able to understand the message delivered through the video, so make sure to be as clear and appealing as possible. Never forget to answer the questions that a customer might come up with. Remember, no one knows about your brand better than you, so describe your business in the easiest way possible.

Do not forget to Add the Entertainment Factor

Studies have shown that the viewers judge the quality of the video’s content from the first 10 seconds. This is no doubt a really short time to capture the attention of the audience, but you have to think of ways to overcome this obstacle.

No viewer has the time nor the attention span to sit through the entire video’s entire length if they do not like the first few seconds. So, you have to consider the use of entertaining forms of media like animations, music, or other such aids to keep the audience intrigued. The use of an online video intro maker would give you an adequate amount of catchy and entertaining templates to use in your video.


An intro video is supposed to engage the customers and capture their attention. If you fail to do that, the entire effort goes to waste. So, do not compromise on the quality and keep your video as entertaining and precise. We hope these tips and tricks helped you in making great intro videos.



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