How Has the Internet Helped Students?

Internet is not just a facility, but one of the life essentials today. Without the Internet, one can certainly not think of his life happening as we are heavily relying on the internet these days. A backbone of nearly all the minor and major industries, service sectors and even educational learnings, it has provided and enhanced each sector today.

Considering the lockdown and unfortunate quarantine period that the pandemic has got us, students have no other choice than to learn by themselves. Now they are not just bored but they are finding alternatives to keep their productivity alive. Relying heavily on the internet services available, let us know how has the internet helped students during this.


But before proceeding, we would like to request you to stay safe, maintain hygiene and avoid going out to keep yourself, your family and the society free from the virus.


Learning free courses

For the students who want to pass time productively and yet learn new courses, they can learn free courses provided by various platforms. Let the students pursue their passion and not restrict their learnings to technical stuff. One can take up learning their hobbies such as playing instruments, writing, or poetry.

Moreover, they can learn to code, or design using new software. The platforms where one can get to search for a variety of these courses is Udemy, YouTube, Google, etc.

A lot of students have turned to online platforms and websites like The Pirate Bay to download educational and learning resources. You will get a ton of free e-books on such websites that you can easily download and go through whenever you are free. Unlike other platforms where you have to pay a lot of money, on such websites you don’t have to.



Hackathons are those competitive battlegrounds where students from all the regions can come together and fight for the best solution for the problems possessed by renowned companies. The benefits of participating in the Hackathon are teamwork, researching for a solution, and one can do it individually by sitting at home and yet being connected with their team over the Internet. This proves how has the internet helped students as Hackathons also provide job opportunities and prizes to the winners.

Work from home

If you are one of these people who wonder if somebody can do my homework for me? Who said internships need to be done by being physically present in the company? A wonderful opportunity for the students who want to work with their dream companies and that too by being virtually present can happen with the help of work from home internships.

Various platforms exist where students and companies get themselves registered such as Internshala, Indeed, Shine, LinkedIn and Freelancer. After uploading their resume, the students are approached by companies to work and grow with them.


Research opportunities

Colleges often run some programs integrated with reputed research centres for the research enthusiast students. The interested students are given access to various research papers to work on their thesis and submit their profound ideas.

There are a plethora of opportunities that the internet has given to students including online libraries and a network, so let those curious minds creep out this quarantine!


Various courses come with the option of earning a certificate by giving an online exam. These certifications can be an add-on on the student’s resume and can increase the chances of getting the job or internships that they’ve dreamt of.

Meanwhile, the platforms that provide certification for a free or nominal cost are Google, Udemy, Coursera, Internshala, W3 schools, etc. If at a point you feel like the price of the certificate is too much, then the students can opt for scholarship programs.



Online classes

To overcome the missed lectures during the lockdown, faculties can conduct online lectures for the students where can come on a common platform and share various resources and knowledge. The Internet can connect live videos of over 100 students where they can have a conversation and share their device screen that can be seen by everyone.

They can even share articles, videos and notes on chatting platforms and can discuss it. One of the platforms for this is Google Classrooms.


Teaching the peers

A friend in need is a friend indeed, isn’t it? We can use this time to teach our friends and share knowledge. Video calls, chatting apps, and other conference calling platforms can help us to reach out to our friends and solve their doubts from the syllabus. Various platforms for connecting with them is Zoom, Skype, Google hangouts, etc.

Competitive examinations by various companies

For the techno-geeks out there, various companies conduct a lot of quizzes, aptitude, and virtual rounds on personal interviews to give students a pre-exposure of the actual interviews. They also conduct regular coding exams and give an assessment and grades to help students analyze their flaws and areas where they need to work hard. Also, check out

Spreading awareness of COVID-19

Let us also look into other works that students can do such can conducting online events and volunteer for it. These are considered into non-technical and extra-curricular activities but can improve the life skills and personality of a student such as coordination, soft skills, public speaking and leadership skills.

Various online activities are conducted often where the authorities have no specific role and everything is arranged by the students themselves.

Watching documentaries that are helpful for their field of study

Learning documentaries and case studies can help the students to analyze and predict the outcomes of the field they are working on. This also implies to the students who are researching literature, historical events, and data that is available.

Moreover, they can subscribe to various blogs that provide such information and get regular updates on it.

Connecting with eminent personalities

LinkedIn is one such platform where students can connect with their idols and well known eminent personalities of various fields professionally. They can answer and respond to their posts and can also communicate with them. This can help the students to expand their network and give themselves a professional touch. They can showcase their skills and let others know their capabilities!

So these are the ways wherein we can see how has the internet helped students in this phase of crisis and curfew. Let us make something productive and make appropriate use of our precious time.

Got any more suggestions? Let us know!

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