List of Free Unblocked Movie Sites

List of Free Unblocked Movie Sites 2021

As quarantine is hitting up, you all must be pondering upon what to do now? Nevertheless, people keep on searching for new unblocked movies online and all they get in return is a lot of redirects and spoofed websites. Moreover, many links are nowadays blocked or spurious.

To find you some free movies unblocked, we decided to put together list of websites where you can watch free movies and tv shows.

Before we begin with the list, while these sites are completely legalized to use (I am not a lawyer and this is not legal advice), I would still recommend that you use a VPN when accessing these sites just to be safe.

If you don’t already have a VPN, I would highly recommend NordVPN. That’s the VPN I’ve been using for years and it’s always worked great. Plus, it performed very well in the series of speed tests it did with it.

But with that all out of the way, let’s proceed with the list.

List of Free Unblocked Movie Sites

List of Best Unblocked Movie Websites

1. YouTube

Youtube unblocked movies

Anyone can undeniably agree that one of the best websites to watch abundant free movies is YouTube.

Given that the free movies can be as a single video or in various parts, we can have a plethora of resources to search for.

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2. Crackle

free movie streaming websites

Sony Crackle, being the collaboration of the two biggest ventures in Hollywood offers you an abundance of movies that’s uncut and unedited.

Although one needs to use a VPN to access this website as its services are limited to particular regions only.

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3. ConTV

free movies unblocked

When movies in the form of comics seem like something that is your type- then ConTV is for you. They have various documentaries and relevant watch worthy comic movies for their viewers.

Give the human actors some rest and watch comics for a change!

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4. PlutoTV

free movies unblocked

Pluto TV is one of the specific region oriented free movie streaming websites but undoubtedly, its people’s top priority.

We insist that the reader must surf the website to find more about it and enjoy movie watching to its fullest!

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5. Vudu

unblocked movie sites

Vudu is a website that allows you to rent or buy movies to stream them every month. But if you want to make it a free movie streaming website, then I suggest clicking on the ‘Free’ tab near the title.

Mostly all the free movies unblocked in this section might contain ads, but isn’t that worth watching if it’s your favourite movie on the stream?

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6. Mxplayer

unblocked movie sites

Mxplayer is like a treasure of new and binge-worthy shows and movies that a user might be addicted to this website. We warn you to watch at your own risk! Apart from the collection of mind-boggling webisodes, they also have series that are dubbed into user-friendly languages to increase and engage the views from different regions.

Another favour this website does on you is that it’s an unblocked movie site, thus no matter when you open it, it’ll always be there for you!

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7. Tinyzone TV

unblocked movie websites

Choose your free unblocked movies based on the countries and various genres. Not just this, they also provide you with free unblocked movies according to IMDB ratings.

Click on the two types of links provided and upon clicking, there’s your pass time for the quarantine on the screen.

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unblocked movie websites

Internet Archive is a website where all sorts of documentaries, movies, digital books and other forms of digital media are stored. All you have to do is sift your search a bit to find your choice.

Although it is rare to find a movie of your choice on this website, if your movie is present there, it turns out to be one of the unblocked movie sites.

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9. Speedy TV

unblocked movie websites

Speedy TV is one of those open and unblocked movie sites that offer you movies exclusively from Netflix. They consist of all the Netflix and such other free movie streaming websites original series and offer all the seasons for the users.

To watch free movies unblocked, we suggest one must their special “What should I watch tonight?” section.

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10. Tubi TV

unblocked movie sites 2020

In TubiTV, you can surf from over the animes, cult classics, award-winning shows, reality shows, western dramas and whatnot for the users.

Isn’t this like going through the Hollywood garden and finding the blooms of your favourite movies. Never miss on TubiTV for anything!

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11. Just Watch

unblocked movie websites 2020

Just call the names of existing free movie streaming websites and its entire collection is available on this website! From the plethora of various genres and series, they have a lot to offer if you plan to pass time.

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unblocked movie websites 2020 is one of those free movies streaming websites which happen to give you movies in HD only. Also, it consists of a lot of free movies unblocked and the new ones are added regularly.

However, it has changed its domain recently and also rarely redirects the user to other links. But undeniably, it has been people’s favourite choice in the category of unblocked movie sites.

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13. Yidio

free unblocked movie websites 2020

You can’t ignore Yidio when you want to watch all the free movies unblocked from Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc.

There are users on Yidio that add valid and unblocked movie sites. Users can surf these links and choose their video quality to watch.

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End Of The Line

So, that colcludes our list of what we belive are the best websites that let you watch movies for free. These are unblocked, legal, genuine and fast to access without many redirects. What do you think? Let us know in the comments section.

And if you’re strugling to find anything to watch on these free sites, you might like to check out this great list of paid streaming services that all offer free trials.

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    1. I’m sorry you didn’t like our list of sites. But unfortunately there aren’t many website’s out there that offer free movies and TV shows, so these are the only ones we could find.

      If you know of any other websites that offer free movies, we would love to hear about them.

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