SixTips & Ideas for Real Estate Instagram Promotion

Six Tips & Ideas for Real Estate Instagram Promotion

Real estate agents, like almost every profession, have turned to the Internet, especially social media in hopes of improving their traffic and simply promoting their business. But, the biggest problem that anyone has when it comes to social media is how to stand out in the numerous amount of similar profiles.


In today’s article, we will be giving you a few tips on how to stand out, and promote yourself in the best way possible on Instagram. Instagram is a free platform, making it super easy to create an account for everyone. For this reason, so many people turn to Instagram, considering it to be the fastest way, and the platform with the most users.

To stand out you have to do a bit more than just create your profile, so let us present you a few things that we are sure will help you:

High-quality photos

This is a self-explanatory tip. For you to attract people, you can not have low-quality photos on which you can not see what is what. Thanks to the option of showcasing more photos in a single post, you can group photos in a little album presenting one location at a time. Not only is the quality of the photos mandatory, but also preparing the location for the pictures, such as good lighting, decorations,  and so on. this can take your photo from being either a total flop or a huge success.

Incorporating videos

Instead of scrolling through tons of photos, viewers love looking at videos, so, incorporating a video in which you will go through all of the key points of the property is super useful. This also gives your followers perception of the size of the property and maybe it is easier to show the order of rooms inside the property.

Connecting the photos with faces

Yes, showcasing the properties is what the followers come for, but the real stars are the agents that stand behind the sales. It means a lot when your followers get to see the people with who they might be making business tomorrow, and who might be leading them to their dream homes. For this reason, do not be shy to post a post or two giving praise to your agents, it being a portrait of them or showing them working.


The internet has had a big impact on everyone, and thanks to a lot of people being scammed in any way. So, now, whenever buying something off the internet, we look for reviews of previous buyers. And just like a small payment, when looking to buy a property we will look for reviews on the agency from previous customers. So, feel free to publish your happy customers (of course with their consent) on your social media as well.


Using hashtags is super helpful. Using them on your posts can help people find you more easily and help you make a brand of yourself on social media. Encouraging your happy customers to use your hashtags when doing business with you. In case you have a website, feel free to do a page on which you will showcase all of your happy customers’ thoughts.

Being up to date

Instagram offers tons of super cool features that you can use to present your agency in the best way possible. To accomplish your goals it takes a bit more than just being a good real estate agent when it comes to social media. Do not be afraid to try different strategies, diversify your content, use your hashtags, update your bio, and post regularly. Make your profile aesthetically pleasing, and we are sure it will bring people in.


Real Estate Houses

These above represent just a few useful tips that you can implement into your social media strategy. They will for sure bring you good results, and make your followers happy.

Publishing regularly and publishing high-quality pictures is a must at this point. Step up your Instagram game.

We hope that you have found these tips helpful and that you will see the result after applying them on an everyday basis.

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