iPhone 8 – Damn! We can’t wait

The year-long buzz is finally going to end next month with the official launch of Apple’s iPhone 8 which is expected the best in the league.

People have a lot of expectations for iPhone 8 as This is going to be the tenth-anniversary launch.



With many leaked prototypes, expected mockups, and other hardware leaks online, the situation has become more complicated, and No one knows what is going to happen, But these series of leaks and news have created a buzz all around, and All the techies have their fingers crossed for this beast.


Most Famous NEWS about iPhone 8

It is believed that it will be for sale by mid-September. The production quantity is expected to be lesser than the predecessors. Along with iPhone 8, An S model for iPhone 7 is also likely to be introduced.

The reports and leaks claim that Apple is finally going to remove the orthodox Lightning Port with the USB-C fast charging type.


Leaked images claim that the dual camera which was horizontally placed earlier will be placed vertically now.


Touch ID is to be replaced by brand new Face ID. Face ID that would even work in complete darkness is expected from Apple. Lately, they had also acquired a 3d mapping company C3 technologies which prove the addition of Face ID.


The ancient LED display is to be replaced by flawless OLED display; Wireless charging can be introduced. Home button will be completely removed, A brand new Apple A11 chip and AR features, L shaped battery, are the possible leaks till now.

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End of the line –

This was the post about the top notch buzz about the upcoming iPhone 8, We have published the most likely changes collected from various sources online. But every year, People publish about leaks and Apple thrashes them all away. Expectations are very high from Apple. Let’s keep our fingers crosses until the beast is revealed.

If you also know some leak or feature which feel will be added, do comment and let us know too.

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