5 Long Shot iOS Applications Every SEO Must Install.

We, Humans from the inception only have always strived to make our life simpler and better, and We have been able to do so.

Lately, The advancement in Internet has led to an uphill shift of conventional marketing methods to the brand new, Digital marketing methods. The Internet has become the greatest medium for promotion of any brand. The hike in demand has lead to cut-throat competition between brands. This competition has lead to increasing the demand for SEOs and SMO‘s. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a service that businesses can get from SEO companies.


Today Through this blog, We will be publishing about some iOS Applications which will make your work life as an SEO simpler and better.

These are the iOS Applications every SEO which should be installed ASAP ->


1. Google Authenticator

Your reactions after seeing this would have been ‘Duh! What has this to do with SEO’, But believe me it has. No matter how many sites you rank, how many dollars you earn, they are always on the brink of being stolen if you aren’t protected enough.

I have only included this app Because of a personal mishap in which I lost a three-year-old AdSense account as well as the payment which was going to be released after two days. Shit Happens!, But you can make sure, Shit doesn’t happen this way.

Always enable two-step verification for all your email addresses and use Google Authenticator as the verification medium for all your logins and prevent your account from being hacked.

‎Google Authenticator
‎Google Authenticator
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free


2. Google Analytics

You are going out of station for quite a time, You won’t be able to use your laptop much, but You want to track the number of Visitors and their actions on your website regularly.

What do you do? 

Simple just add the Google Analytics tracking code before leaving. This will enable tracking, and you will be able to see all the visitors, the source of visitors, their time on site, their actions and lots more quickly on the Google Analytics website.

But Wait! You can use the laptop much, how will you be in regular touch with the stats. Worry no more, Just Install the Google Analytics application and track the stats on the go. Analysing Data and working upon it plays a vital role in SEO when a person is seeking growth.

‎Google Analytics
‎Google Analytics
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free


3. Quora

How does a QnA website enhance SEO, Right? It might not affect your site’s current statistics. But it sure can help your stats. Touch the sky.

Quora is a simple website where People find answers to all their questions. And you can use Quora to attract an enormous amount of individuals towards your blog. Simply follow some topics in which you expertise. Answer lot of questions until you become a brand on Quora. Then for the issues with most solution seekers, Publish a Blog post and share the URL on Quora as a reply, It will open floodgates of traffic to your website.

Similarly, You can innovate Quora for Niche Research, Keyword Research, Link Building, Data collection and lot more.

Steve Jobs has quoted, “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower”. 

You just need a touch if innovation to convert ordinary into extraordinary.

Developer: Quora, Inc.
Price: Free


4. Pinterest

Pinterest is a social network that allows its users to share images and discover new interests.

I am a Pinterest Addict, been using Pinterest long before I knew about Blogging, Never knew what power Pinterest holds until One day I got an awe-inspiring keyword from Pinterest.

Pinterest has multiple benefits- You can use Pinterest for social shares, for finding most beautiful copyright free images for your blog, for attracting huge user base to your website, for finding goldmine keywords.

You just need to share any image from your blog along with an apt description to get started on Pinterest. You can get multiple ideas related with any Topic on Pinterest hence Keywords $$$$. Social shares play a vital role in SERPs, Pinterest can quickly help you get quality social shares.

Pinterest’s application is very handy and much better than the web version. It can quickly help you attain your goals and help you grow.

Developer: Pinterest
Price: Free


5. SEO Edge

Last but never the least, SEO Edge is my personal when it comes to SEO via phone, It is a SERP tracking application. It is the most accurate SERP tracking application available on App store. The price of the premium plan of SEO Edge is meagre. Free plan lets the user add two sites along with five keywords each.

You can track your keyword ranking in any corner of the world. It is very fast and accurate. You can update SERP data n number of times; You just need to swipe down to refresh the SERPs.

‎SEO Edge
‎SEO Edge
Developer: Leon Huang
Price: Free+



End Of The Line –

So This was the blog on 5 iOS Applications Every SEO Must Install. Now Download these Applications ASAP on your iPhones and discover a new horizon of opportunities.

I hope We were successful in making your life a bit simpler and better :).

If you liked this post, Please Please Please share it with your friends and make their life simpler and better. Don’t forget to comment if you have any query regarding the blog, You can also reach us via our Contact us page.


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