best bitcoin wallets

Terrific List of Best Bitcoin Wallets!

Looking for Best Bitcoin Wallets? after the recent hike in the value of the cryptocurrencies. 

Before moving on with the list of Best Bitcoin Wallets, First, you should be specific about what a Bitcoin wallet exactly is. Well in simple words it is analogous to the wallets that we have in our Smartphones, only differing in certain ways.

It is a bitcoin equivalent of a bank account. It lets you store bitcoins, send them and receive them from others. There are hardware wallets as well as hot wallets to do the said tasks.

Such wallets have private keys which give you full control over handling the storing and transactions. It can be an app, a website or a device that manages your private keys. But you should get your wallet filled with bitcoins only when you are aware of the risk that while the value of this currency may be soaring high at a time, it may drop down to zero any time.

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So if you are sure of it you can go for any of the best bitcoin wallets listed below

best bitcoin wallets


List of The Best Bitcoin Wallets –


1. Coinbase:

best bitcoin wallets

It is one of the most efficient bitcoin wallets where you can easily store, buy or sell crypto-currencies.

Besides Bitcoin, it also supports Bitcoin Cash like Ethereum and Litecoin. With the aid of this app, you can connect to US Banks in order to transfer dollars in and out of your wallet. Although it carries some worries regarding the security issues, yet from time to time it keeps updating its features for better user experience and for improvement of security. It’s easy to use setup makes it top our list of best bitcoin wallets.


best bitcoin wallets

As known by the people in this field, blockchain is a technology that is the root of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and other such digital currencies. This online wallet by far is considered the safest one.

The feature that makes it a part of best bitcoin wallets is that there is no full exchange possible with this wallet. You can have secure storage of your Bitcoin, but you cannot buy or sell anything directly through Though safe, there are complications in making use of the currency.

‎Blockchain Wallet: Buy Bitcoin
‎Blockchain Wallet: Buy Bitcoin

3. Electrum:

best bitcoin wallet

This wallet is not an online one. It is a software doing the job of a wallet and is present on your device in the form of some files. It is available for Windows, Mac OS X, Android and Linux. You can access the wallet whenever you want to by reaching out to these files.

The only risk that it holds is if your Computer or device gets damaged, the currency might be lost. For this, it has a recovery process whereby it allows you to create a physical “cold storage” with a printed or handwritten set of keys.


4. Trezor:

best bitcoin wallets

It is again a place to securely store your Bitcoin. It is actually a hardware wallet that you can plug into your computer or device in order to get access to its contents. Security wise, it can be considered as the best wallet to rely on. Its features consist of password management and two-factor authentication process.

It can also work with multiple currencies. It also has some safeguards against lost passwords and devices. But you definitely need to be careful with the wallet so that you don’t lose it at any cost.

TREZOR Manager
TREZOR Manager
Developer: SatoshiLabs
Price: Free


5. Exodus:

best bitcoin wallets 2018

It is also a software wallet with much more elegant features to attract the users’ attention. Besides secure storage of coins, it has a Shape Shift Integration method to exchange coins.

It has a portfolio and graphic views which is just the right option for people who would like to start investing in digital currencies. Also, there is no burden of setting up an account.


6. Breadwallet:

best bitcoin wallet app

It is considered to be one of the best Bitcoin wallets for iPhone users.

It has a clean and easy interface suitable for exchange of bitcoins with great ease. It is also open source and you can have the full control over private keys.


7. Edge:

list of best bitcoin wallets

This wallet is well known for its backup feature. It has automatic backup processes so that you are not bothered with setting up a manual wallet, enduring all the complications.

It is an app available for both Android and iOS. With its easy and familiar login feature, it is considered to be the best for the beginners in the field of digital currency investment.


8. Mycelium:

best bitcoin wallets

This app is considered best for use by the advanced users. Available in Android and iOS version, this app is quite clear about its backup procedures and instructions.

It is safe and secure to use as it allows for anonymous usage and being an app for mobiles only, you can easily carry it along with yourselves.

‎Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet
‎Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet
Developer: Mycelium SA
Price: Free
Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet
Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet


9. Bitcoin Wallet:

best bitcoin wallets

This was the first Bitcoin mobile wallet. It was also known as Schildbach Wallet. It connects directly to the Bitcoin Network in a safe and secure environment for the handling of Bitcoin.

With its simple interface, it is the best tool for the beginners to deal with the digital currency. - Bitcoin Wallet - Bitcoin Wallet


10. Samourai Wallet:

best bitcoin wallets

It is one of the latest Android Wallet. The developers are working constantly to add the latest features associated with Bitcoin to this wallet. It has a code which is a fully open source.

Samourai Wallet
Samourai Wallet
Developer: Samourai
Price: Free


11. Green Address:

best bitcoin wallets

It is a multi-signature online Bitcoin Wallet. It is compatible with hardware wallets like Trezor, Ledger, Nano and the HW.1.

It is safe as it requires manual confirmation from the owner of the wallet to make transactions.


12. Robinhood:

best bitcoin wallets

It acts both as a wallet and as an exchange platform which is safe and secure. It does not charge any commission for buying or selling Bitcoin.

The above-listed best bitcoin wallets are pretty efficient in their functioning and you can definitely opt for them if you are all set to invest in Bitcoin.


End of The Line –

With the new technologies being introduced, Our conventional ways of leading life have completely changed. Just like that Cryptocurrency aims to revolutionise the system of money making it a digital asset.

This was the list of best bitcoin wallets available on the internet. Download them now and start your journey as a cryptocurrency investor.

If you have any query, do let us know in the comment box.

Warmest of Regards, 



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