How Did Mark Cuban Get So Rich – What Was His Young Life Like

Mark Cuban is currently one of the leading names when it comes to entrepreneurs. He is one of the richest people in the US with his net worth reaching a whopping $4.6 billion. Naturally, every wannabe entrepreneur wonders exactly how Mark Cuban young got so rich. This article is all about exploring his achievements from back when he was young to the influential person he is now.

Cuban’s Childhood

He was born in 1958, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He was not born into money. In fact, he was born into a working-class family. His father spent most of his life working at a car upholstery shop while his mom kept switching between odd jobs.

Unlike his grandfather who supported his family by selling goods from the back of a truck, Mark had a knack for trade from a young age.

When he was just 12 years old, he sold garbage bags to earn some allowance on the side. In high school, he upgraded to selling coins, stamps and baseball cards.

Mark Cuban Young

He had always displayed a hustling attitude, and that did not stop at simple trade. They told him to either go work at a mill, and his mother told him to lay carpets as a safe option. But he chose none of those. He had bigger plans and went on to pave his own way.

He attended psychology classes at the University of Pittsburgh while he was still in high school. Skipping his senior year, Mark Cuban young enrolled at the college where he spent a year. To pay for his education at Indiana University, he gave dance lessons which brought about him hosting fancy parties.

At Indiana University, he opted for Kelley School of Business because the tuition then was one of the lowest of the sough-after US business schools. Cuban graduated from Indiana University in 1981.

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Business Endeavors

He got a job at a bank right when they were in the process of switching to computers. He educated himself on computers and networking.

After that, he took a job where he sold software. That did not last for long though, as he had quit or had been fired from three jobs. This is when he thought of starting his own company. He founded MicroSolutions, a consulting business. When his company got successful enough, he sold it for $6 million.

He did not stop there, though. In 1995, Mark and his business partner Wagner founded AudioNet. In the beginning, the firm was criticized a lot. However, it was another successful business venture for Cuban. In 1998, the company was renamed and went public.

Not long after, its stock rose to a high $200 a share. A year later, it was sold to Yahoo! for almost $6 billion. This made Cuban a billionaire. A year later, he bought the US basketball team Dallas Mavericks for $285 million.

He became more of a public figure among regular folk with the help of the show “Shark Tank” on which he regularly appeared.

With his abundance of experience in general as well as his specialization in enterprise, Mark Cuban can offer plenty of useful advice for the young and ambitious.


Mark Cuban started playing out his ambitions from a young age, even though he did not have much to work with. With enough dedication and craftiness, he managed to get from no one to one of the richest people in the US. To get rich, he had to play it smart and bit by bit, move onto greater investments till he amassed the wealth he has today.

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