Best Games for New Players to Start

Everyone enjoys playing casino games online. However, it may initially seem overwhelming to those who’ve never tried playing. Because of this, the greatest casino games for new players are those that need little to no skill or understanding.

You don’t have to lose a lot of money to learn how to play these games. You can do so while playing. Or, even better, practice on free versions of the games you want to know before risking real money. Below are some of the best games for new players to try in a live casino in Canada.


Slots are the greatest games for beginners because they require little expertise to play. You use buttons or a mouse when playing online, but the idea is the same as in any casino. You have a chance to score a winning combination with every spin and maybe the jackpot – if the slot machine you’re playing contains a jackpot feature.


Slots come in a lot of popular categories. Famous music artists, films, celebrities, action heroes, and a long list of other themes are featured in themed slots. Playing an online slot game with a high RTP (Return to Player) gives beginners more value for their money. The house has less of an advantage over players as the RTP increases.


Because of its straightforward rules and ability to be played using a blackjack strategy card, blackjack is the second-easiest casino game. You and the dealer each get two cards, and the goal of the game is straightforward. The objective is to come as near to 21 without going over, and you can “hit” to draw another card or “stand” to strengthen your hand.

The point value of each face card in the deck is 10. Aces can be used as one or as 11 points. The value of the other numbered cards is expressed in points. For example, a six is worth six points, a five is worth five points, and so on. Additionally, you can “split” a pair of identical cards to make a second hand during the same round, or you can “double” to double your initial wager and conclude that turn with just one card.


Because there are so many betting alternatives for each spin of the wheel, roulette is one of the more entertaining casino games for new players. A tiny ball can fall into one of the 38 slots on a rotating wheel in the game of roulette. Depending on the game version you’re playing, the slots on the wheel are numbered one through 36 and may or may not have zeros.


Any zeros are green, while the numerals are alternately red and black. By putting your chips on the numbers, you must accurately predict which one the ball will land on when the wheel stops spinning. You may place a wager on a certain number, whether it’ll be red or black or if it’ll be odd or even. There are more complex wagers for when you get accustomed to playing.


Video poker is another great casino game for new players. Video poker may be mastered fairly quickly, even if you have a rudimentary comprehension of poker hands. Despite the fact that there are several versions of poker, we’ll begin with the simplest type, five-card draw poker.


With the five cards provided to you at the start of each round, the goal of the game is to construct the finest poker hand you can. All five cards may be kept, or any number of cards may be discarded and replaced with an equal number of new cards.

Your final hand consists of the resultant five cards. A sliding range of odds, from one pair to a royal flush, is then used to determine how much you’re paid for your hand. To play poker as a novice, all you need to know is the rewards for each winning hand and what those hands consist of, which are usually listed in the game regulations.


Baccarat is a table-based casino game that’s easy for novices to learn because there are only three possible wagers. You place a bet on whether your hand of cards will beat the bankers’ hand, fall short of their hand, or result in a tie.


We highly advise avoiding placing a wager on a tie since the rewards are so poor that it’s just not worthwhile. The only two alternatives left to you are to wager on who’ll have the highest hand: you or the banker. This straightforward choice makes baccarat a fantastic game for new players.

Try Something New

While some games are challenging, many, like those mentioned above, are suitable for beginners. Others involve talent, some involve chance, and some involve a combination of both.

Remember that most online casinos enable you to play portions of their games for free by offering a demo or practice mode – not always available on live dealer games. As a result, you may practice playing before putting any of your own money in danger.

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