Best PUBG Mobile Emulators

The game of PUBG (Playerknown’s Battlegrounds) has taken a superior position in the lives of gamers. PUBG has been ranked in the first position for people’s choice in gaming. A game that is available in two modes- original and lite has caused users to engage in it despite full or less data connectivity. With nearly 200 million users and 30 million active users daily, what we can not deny is that PUBG is a part of the mundane routine of people from the tech-savvy era.

Now, the emulator here comes into the picture because of the people’s choice of wider screens, vibrant display and bigger picture in front of the eyes. Unfortunately, PUBG has it’s paid software available for PC, but regardless of that, people choose the best emulator for PUBG over the software. Emulator, nonetheless, can give you an equally thrilling and smooth experience provided you choose the right ones! So here we present you the best emulator for PUBG.

Before moving on, we suggest you understand your PC’s configuration and compatibility with heavy gaming features. With all the information known and provided, we hope you have a superlative playing experience!


Best Emulator for PUBG


Tencent Gaming Buddy (Officially known as GameLoop)

It is one of the most recommended and best emulators for PUBG. If you ask us why then the obvious reason is that the game developers and the emulator developers are the same. The developers not only made the emulator only for the game but also made sure that it enhances the playing experience as smooth and vivid as that of the mobile device, to make it the best emulator for PUBG.

Click here to download the emulator.

Recent Version: v1.0.7773.123 (As of February 2020)

Space required: Minimum 2 GB RAM

Download size: 10.50 MB

Why do we recommend it?

  • Enhanced gaming experience
  • Increased features for graphics and controlling via keyboard.
  • As it is an official recommended emulator, hence no doubt about the smooth playing experience.
  • More than 100,000,000+ downloads.


It is one of the oldest and well-known emulators for running various mobile applications. Considering the number of downloads they possess, it turns out to be the best emulator for PUBG and also provides similar gaming as of the mobile. Nevertheless, let’s not ignore the ease of application handling and user-friendly experience.

Click here to download the emulator.

Recent Version: 4.190

Space required: Minimum 2 GB RAM.

Why do we recommend it?

  • Less CPU usage and resolved heating issues.
  • The precision of using the keys and less delay.
  • Automatically detects the fit version of the emulator for your PC.
  • More than 400 million downloads.


Memu Play

Memu Play can be considered to be the best emulator for PUBG because the developers of this particular emulator resonate closely with the original developers. It has provided people from various countries with their language adaptability experience, especially of the south Asian countries. Their various features are demonstrated with a manual available on their webpage. Indeed, the best emulator for PUBG, isn’t it?

Click here to download the emulator.

Recent Version: 7.1.6

Space required:

Download size:

Why do we recommend it?

  • At par exceptional playing experience with chat allocating features, and multiple language provision.
  • Extensive walk-throughs are available for various purposes including installation and gaming.
  • Over 20 million users across various countries.


Nox Player

Nox Player has to be the best emulator for PUBG because along with it’s smooth gaming experience, they also happen to provide the user with extraordinary privacy measures. Developed in Hong Kong, they have a wide user base of 150 million based in different countries. They provide various marvellous gaming experiences with contrasting functions and easy key access to those functions.

Click here to download the emulator.

Recent Version: (As of March 2020)

Space required: Minimum 4 GB RAM

Download size: 366 MB

Why do we recommend it?

  • Recording feature available.
  • Multiple accounts creating over multiple games available.
  • Keyboard coordinates extremely fast and well with the game with no delays.


Remix OS Player

The only emulator with a unique feature of actually ‘re-mixing’ various apps together at the same time with a feeling like a boss. You can run various games together and yet open other applications simultaneously! One of the most updated emulators in correspondence with the Android versions. You certainly can not take a chance of missing this best emulator for PUBG!

Click here to download the emulator.

Recent Version: 1.0.110

Space required: Minimum 4 GB RAM

Download size: 744 MB

Why do we recommend it?

  • Over 164,000 downloads.
  • Allows playing multiple games simultaneously.
  • Manage the chat app screen simultaneously with gaming.
  • Easy click-based operations to access the software.


LD- Player

Do agree with us when we say that LD-Player can be the best emulator for PUBG. It is because of extensive compatibility with the Android and the versions of the emulator that you download depend on the version of your mobile too. It is made smooth and resistant to crashing to benefit the user from sudden haltings. They have also provided various pieces of knowledge on technical specifications and how to optimize them to make the gaming efficient. This is the best emulator for PUBG for it’s continuous and quick updates whenever an issue is reported.

Click here to download the emulator.

Recent Version: 4.0.17 (As of March 2020)

Space required: Minimum 8 GB

Download size: 2.8 MB

Why do we recommend it?

  • Optimization of shooting-based gaming experience and aiming cross-hairs.
  • More comfortable experience in making touch-based gaming incorporated with gaming.


What are the features of the best emulator for PUBG?

While considering the best emulator for PUBG from the above list, do keep in mind these characteristics while selecting.

The best emulator for PUBG must have:

    • Enhanced user experience.
    • Optimized key-mapping.
    • VT enabling the feature.
    • Immediate response to screen and operating issues.
    • Incredible integrity with the controls and graphics.


  • Protects your privacy and provides uncompromised confidentiality.
  • The quality of the game doesn’t fade regardless.

Thus there, were some best emulators for PUBG so that the hooked gamers can have more intriguing ways to stay involved in the game. Moreover, you can compare and decide the best emulator for yourself considering the specifications of your PC and it’s compatibility with your device. These best emulators for PUBG can give you amusing and entertaining playing experience. Let your bigger screens and controlled sense of muscles rule over the game and keep playing! Thank us later for saving your money by providing you with the best emulator for PUBG.


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