List of Best Commissioning Softwares

Commissioning is a crucial stage for ensuring the success of any project, whether it is large-scale or small-scale. It involves checking to see that the client’s specifications have been met in terms of design, installation, and operations; that everything has been tested; and that they are working well.

For projects that have a large volume and complex data, it is highly recommended that you use commissioning software to manage your project effectively. This ensures that you can trace all information necessary to the proper operations of the systems in place.

It is also very important that you get software that is custom-made for your business to make sure that it is working well for you. The following are some of the different commissioning software that can help to improve your projects.


1.   Commissioning Manager

This commissioning software can give data to any branch, channel, or person. It gets data from clearing and back-office systems automatically. It has different features that are useful in managing your business.

2.   GoalPost

Productivity depends on how well you manage your labor to maximize productivity when minimizing costs. You can use this app to improve efficiency and productivity in your operations. You can use GoalPost LMS to plan, manage, and measure labor.

3.   Performio

You can improve your business performance by using this software, which implements practices that motivate your workforce. You can use the features that come with it to maximize your business accuracy and productivity by eliminating some of the hidden costs. It is affordable and easy to use.

4.   CommissionCal

The software reduces the time used to calculate commissions and improves efficiency and accuracy significantly. You can integrate it to work with various accounting systems such as Dynamics Gp, Macola, MAS 90/200/Sage 100, and Accpac ERP/Sage 300. It can be used by all types of businesses.

5.   Incentive Compensation Management

This software is effective for managing all factors that affect your company sales. It can be used to track whether or not the sales team is working according to the strategies laid out to increase productivity. This can also help to identify any market changes, to act accordingly, and to protect the market coverage. It can also be used to identify any inadequacies in the team to conduct training.

6.   EvolveSPM

This software simplifies the work involved in making an accurate payroll. It gathers all the necessary information needed to compute the worker’s salary from the different sources at the right time. All you need to do is design a schedule that the software will follow.

7.   Magna Timeshare Software

You can get all the reports you need to manage your business well, including KPI reports, statistical reports, and real-time web-based reports in a timely manner. This software works with ASP or server on-site models to work effectively.

8.   inLOGIC

This software has free-form rule writing and recordkeeping features that make an accurate sales compensation system that can be used in any type of business. Its benefits far outweigh the cost you incur in using this software. You can access it as you need by using the Internet.

9.   Glocent

This software manages your business’s compensation plans by replacing spreadsheets and other systems with a simple way of calculating compensation. With the software, you can make more timely, accurate, and well maintained information. It can also be used to integrate sales plans, products, and organizational compensation structures.

10.  PlanIT sales compensation

This app will centralize sales achieved to form good bases of compensation. It is web-based and it contains a complete design-to-payment solution.

11.  GreenWave

This software automates the processing of commission data to improve accuracy and reduce unnecessary costs and discrepancies. It reduces the tasks of the personnel involved in the insurance business and increases loyalty.

12.  CATS

The software can improve productivity in your company because it enhances a reasonable compensation basis. It is an effective strategic compensation tool.

13.  CommissionsEZ

You can easily manage the commission payments you make on every policy. It is useful to insurance brokers.

14.  CommissionTrac

You can easily manage commission plans and agent distribution using this software. It reduces your work and improves efficiency in managing your real estate broking.


The software offers an integrated online sales commission management solution that improves performance. It is easy to use and it also combines technology to provide reports, workflow, and process administration.  

16.  Maestro

It is used to track and calculate a sales representative compensation package without having to do so manually.

17.  Loanworks Commissions

This software can be integrated easily with the system you are already using to compensate your workers. It is secure to use and it is reliable in making complex calculations.

18.  MPOS

The software can be used in retail and salon businesses, which do have inventory controls. It can also be used to track commissions and to schedule your employees.

19.  Iconixx

The software automates commission plans and eliminates administration costs and errors. The effective commission plan can be a great motivation for your workers because they get what they deserve.

20.  Bonus 2000

This software tracks sales for the insurance business. It calculates the amount of commission earned and to be paid.

21.  OneClick Statements

The software generates accurate statements from the existing data in your accounting application. It is an online sales commission statement service, and you can test out a free trial to see if it works well for you.

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