YouTube Channel Promotion The Main Rules

A channel on YouTube and other video services can be created by any person, organization, or group of people and used for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. You still need to learn how to create a banner for youtube for free.

For companies and their clients, of course, the first option is primarily interesting — the commercial use of the channel to promote goods, and services, inform customers, develop business and create a positive reputation.

YouTube Screen

The competition on the platform is great, and above all, you should follow some rules that will help make a successful channel. Today we will talk about how to succeed in working on the platform and at the same time not buy YouTube views often.

Three main rules

  1. Videos should not be advertising — the main thing is interesting and meaningful content.
  2. Regular and frequent replenishment of the channel — to maintain interest.
  3. Compliance of the content with the rules of the platform — no adult content and respect for copyright.

From these points, it follows that simply creating a channel is only the beginning. The main thing is to keep it up to date, add materials, develop it and work with the audience. However, even this is not the first step.

YouTube Subscribers

First, you need to take care of gaining an audience with which you will interact in the future. You can order ads (but it’s expensive) or buy real YouTube views to increase your statistics and move to the TOP video in terms of views.

Interview shooting formats are very popular now. Two people in the frame, beautiful interior, good light, sound, multi-camera shooting. The cost of producing such a video starts from $1,800. At least three cameras, several lighting devices, sound, and auxiliary equipment are used.

Maintaining a YouTube channel

To maintain your YouTube channel, you will need a staff of specialists — editors, operators, content managers, and directors who will create videos, post them, monitor channel traffic, and work with the audience.

What is included in the maintenance of the YouTube channel

The development and maintenance of a channel on video hosting sites is not an easy process. It is much more difficult than maintaining groups in social networks, but at the same time, if the channel is maintained correctly, the flow of customers from it will be much higher.

YouTube Channel

The main stages of work on the channel, which must be done with great frequency, preferably daily:

  • filling with fresh, relevant videos, preferably in a news, informational format
  • description of videos, programs, categorization, tags
  • review comments, communicate with the audience, contests, and prizes
  • placement of videos on third-party resources, both paid and free, to increase the audience

If there is a PR department in the company, you should cooperate with it. This is convenient, since PR specialists can set a task, and you, together with them, can find ways to solve it.

YouTube Growth

YouTube channel promotion

Channel promotion methods, and hence the promotion of your business, can be both paid and free. But the most important things are:

  • the main principle is interesting and useful content;
  • call to action — subscribing to a channel, going to a website, filling out a questionnaire, etc.
  • thematic design of the channel
  • the regularity of the release of videos, programs, and reviews
  • annotations, callouts with links, and appeals (the main thing here is not to overdo it)

In addition to the organic promotion of the channel (interesting video, mention in social networks, live reposts), it is possible to promote the channel using SEO methods. This method is more expensive, but at the same time can lead to results in a shorter time. Under your videos, which should be a large number, keywords are compiled and the title of the videos is optimized by SEO queries.

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