Reasons Why You Should Use a Money Transfer App

People send money overseas all the time. Sometimes family members need to borrow a little, or friends have birthdays, or you want to give a holiday gift. If you’ve never used an international money transfer app before, now is the time to do so. If you have family members or friends living abroad, this is the best way to get money from them. Here’s why.

1. It’s Easy

Sending money overseas couldn’t be easier. Most money transfer apps give you the option of the recipient picking up the cash in person or sending it directly to their bank account. This means you can instantly send them all you want from your phone, likely in less than 15 minutes. Depending on whether you are transferring from your bank, using a debit card or a credit card, the money can get to them in a matter of minutes or just a couple of days. It’s easy for you and them.

Another convenient thing about these apps is that you can use them from anywhere. On vacation? No problem. Moving to another town? No worries. Moving to another country? Still no issue. No matter where you are, you can still get that money to your friends and family.

Money transfer apps also have user-friendly interfaces to make everything easier.

2. It’s Safe

Money transfer apps are safe to use. They are regulated by industry and government standards, so safety is a priority. As long as you personally know the sender, your money is safe and can be tracked throughout the entire transfer process. For example, you can see when you made the payment if it’s still processing, and when it gets to the recipient’s bank account or pick-up location.

This can give you peace of mind and confidence, knowing that your money will arrive at its destination. Whether you’re sending money to a family member or friend or paying bills from abroad, you won’t have to worry.

Also, it’s safe for your recipient, especially if you can send it to their bank account. This way, no one has to worry about carrying around cash. It is all taken care of online.

3. It’s Money Smart

Have you ever priced a wire transfer? They can get so expensive that it can feel like you’re paying more for the transfer than what your recipient is getting. Money transfer apps let you send money for much lower prices than wire transfers do.

Most of the time, money transfer apps are cheaper than in-person sending options and frequently give you better exchange rates. Therefore, you will save money using apps, especially if you send money frequently.

Helping Out

Using a money transfer app is the best way to help out your family members while keeping everyone safe, happy, and receiving their money on time. Not only do they give you convenience, but you can be sure that anything you send to help your friends and family gets to where it’s supposed to be going just when they need it.


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