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From the first days of animated movies, it was clear that there are a lot of benefits when creating characters and actions without using a camera. Technology continued growing, creativity reached new levels, and today animation became a massive industry.

From animated clips, videos, and movies to games, virtual reality, and interactive animations, the key is always the same – animation software. Such software can cost a fortune, but luckily, dozens of free animation software are easy to use and advanced enough to satisfy the need.


If you are just starting and looking for a tool to support you in producing videos, Animaker might be an ideal fit. This software supports full HD videos in different formats, such as infographics, whiteboards, and even 2.5D videos.

What usually takes most of the time is creating assets for videos. The good thing about today’s internet is that it is full of free-to-download and use assets. An average free animation software usually doesn’t have an extensive gallery of such assets, but Animaker surprises here. There are plenty of premade graphics available that you can use for your next project.


Blender is a feature-rich software used by professionals all around the world. It has many modules for sculpting, modeling, rendering, and animation video creation. What separates Blender from most of the software on this list is its capacity to create unique and outstanding results.

This does come with a price, not a financial one since it’s free software. Blender has so many features that it is challenging to start and finish the work if you are a newbie. It doesn’t come with assets, so you must create or find them online.


Animoto is a video-making software that supports small businesses, HR, and marketing departments. This means you can get things done fast using this free animation software. Animoto has some neat features, such as a screen recorder and voiceover.

Efficiency is possible due to premade templates and stock library available from the Animoto interface. You can also create customized and unique videos with your graphics and assets. Another option is to use premade templates available within the software, so there is no need to search on stock websites for simple projects.

Pencil2D Animation

If you are looking for software to create a hand-drawn animation video, Pencil2D Animation might suit your needs. It is free and open-source software that allows you to import images and audio and turn them into nice-looking videos that you can use for personal or commercial purposes.

Pencil2D Animation has a feature that allows you to switch between vectors and rasters to edit your work on the go. It doesn’t come with any assets, so if you are looking for software to get things done quickly, you might consider another option. On the other hand, if you are good at drawing, it can support your work once you grasp all of the features it offers.


Goanimate was launched more than 15 years ago and became a dynamic and easy-to-use software. Nowadays, it’s known as Vyond, and besides the name change, the creator behind this tool allows you to create professional-looking output, decided to offer a library of templates you can use.

Softwares such as Goanimate aim to cover as many fields as possible, so the user can cover different themes and needs they might encounter in their daily work. This is especially useful if you want a software to stay available in different scenarios and projects.

If you are dealing with staff training and internal communication within your team, or you plan to create eLearning videos, this software can satisfy all your needs without taking weeks to learn how to use it.

Synfig Studio

Are you looking for software to support you in creating a 2D animation video? If so, Synfig Studio might be worth considering. The main feature of this software is the bone system which allows you to create natural-looking movements of your characters and objects in the scene.

Since it was not made as an all-in-one solution, additional software might be required to create the result. You have to import and use your assets since it doesn’t come with a gallery of free assets, which might be time-consuming if you create videos often and don’t want to spend hours or days researching stock websites.

Even though it has fewer features than Blender, it is equally not newbie friendly, and it takes some time to grasp the interface and workflow.


Creating an average animation video can be a challenging yet fruitful process. It depends on your need and how often you want to make videos. This means that choosing the best software for such a purpose takes some planning. In our list, we covered some of the most advanced and some of the newbie-friendly software, so you can choose what fits the best in your use case.

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