Mistakes to Avoid When it is Hot

Mistakes to Avoid When it is Hot

The world is currently experiencing temperatures up to 30 degrees, sometimes even above. In order not to suffer even more from the heat, you should avoid these common mistakes to be in perfect shape to enjoy https://www.playamo.com/en-NZ/games/blackjack.

After a long wait, summer is here. And with it the hot temperatures. When it’s hot, you should be especially mindful of yourself and your fellow human beings and avoid the following mistakes.


1: mistake in the heat: drinking ice-cold drinks

Again and again you come across the advice to avoid cold drinks in summer. The body has to actively heat up cold drinks, which leads to even more sweating, is the reasoning. But this is a myth. The Society for Nutrition explains that although drinks are heated in the gastrointestinal tract, this happens passively via the ambient temperature. So the body does not have to make any additional effort here.

So you don’t have to avoid cold drinks in the summer, but you should avoid ice-cold ones. These can lead to stomach cramps. And abdominal pain, in turn, can hinder the necessary intake of fluids.

  1. use air conditioning

air conditioner

Air conditioners are bad for the environment. Air conditioning provides welcome cooling – whether in the car or at home. Why you should still not use air conditioning or even buy new:

Large temperature differences strain the circulation: If it’s well over 30 degrees outside and only a little over 20 degrees inside, that’s a big strain on the body. The result: circulatory problems, colds or conjunctivitis.

Air conditioners are real power guzzlers. Even a small cooling unit with 880 watts, for example, consumes more electricity than 100 energy-saving light bulbs. In cars, the air conditioner is the biggest fuel consumer next to the engine, writes the Federal Environment Agency.

The refrigerants contained in many air conditioning systems are also problematic. Some of the agents have a greenhouse effect – and thus place an additional burden on the climate.

  1. drinking alcohol can be a big mistake in the heat

A cool beer or a refreshing cocktail at the end of the day? That’s not recommended either – and not just because the drinks are too cold. Alcohol and heat don’t get along very well:

At high temperatures, alcohol has a faster and more intense effect. Especially when you drink alcoholic beverages as a thirst quencher, it is quickly too much alcohol. This leads more quickly to undesirable side effects such as circulatory problems.

In the heat, we lose a lot of water through sweating. Alcohol additionally deprives the body of water and minerals.

  1. cold showers are a heat mistake


Another mistake many make in the heat: Taking cold showers. It is true that a cold shower is quite refreshing at first and also saves energy. However, it makes little sense in high heat – because an endogenous mechanism makes us sweat:

The cold shower reduces the body temperature. This triggers a counter-reaction in the body: The pores of the skin and vessels contract to keep the heat in the body. In addition, the body ramps up the temperature to get back to 36 to 37 degrees Celsius. The result: you sweat even more than before. A shower with lukewarm water is more helpful – for the sake of the environment and your wallet, the hot water flows through an economy showerhead.

  1. leave electrical appliances in the sun

Whether outdoors or in the car, electronic devices such as smartphones or navigation systems should not be left in the sun for long periods of time – they cannot tolerate high temperatures. Depending on how hot it is, battery fluid can leak out in the worst case. Sensitive devices should therefore always be stored in the shade.

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